• The music

    Songs recorded at Mindless Studio January 2018

  • PACE

    - a little less conversation

    PACE is a Danish band breaking down the barriers between organic and electronic music., but always leaving the melodies to combine the best of two worlds.


    The lyrics seek to touch the dilemmas and paradoxes found in politics, religion and the everyday life which surround us. It's not always a matter of talking, sometimes the observing and less interfering role can be a strong force...if you try to understand and then take a stand.


    Music has been recorded in 2018 and is released on an independent label.

  • PACE is represented by


    Jesper Hother

    Songwriter, vocals, keys and guitars

    Henrik Øllgaard


    Simon Skovgaard

    Drums and beats

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    - we'd love to hear from you.